Red Wattle Pork Sausage

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Each order comes with four sausages (approximately 1lb) from Smith & Smith Farms in Burlington, Texas. Delivered raw.

These delicious seasoned sausages are excellent on a bun or sliced into bite-size pieces for an appetizer (best served with a few mustards to sample). Because they’re based on the heritage Red Wattle ground pork, raised with plenty of space to live in Burlington, Texas, these will prove to be the cleanest sausage you’ve tasted, especially compared to store-bought, preservative-laden links. These sausages contain no sugar, gluten or soy, and are delivered raw. There are four varieties: Pork & Cabbage, Pork & Garlic, Bratwurst, and Italian Sausage.

Recipe: Holiday Sausage Stuffing

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