English Cut Short Ribs, Bone-in

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One order contains six short ribs each two inches thick. Total weight is approximately 2.2 to 2.6 lbs. Serves four people comfortably.

English-cut beef ribs (sliced with and against the rib) are a beautiful restaurant special that are easy to prepare, but not as common at the butcher shop as we'd like. A great short rib recipe calls for the beefy rib meat to be braised in a flavorful stock with aromatics. The fat and collagen will melt away, leaving behind tender, flavorful meat, a saucier-level sauce and a dish that is even more delicious the next day. The instructions are easy to set-and-forget: first sear in a pan, then set on the stove, in the oven or even in a crock pot. Cook low and slow for a few hours until the meat pulls off the bone easily and all the fat has been rendered into the sauce. Sourced from Dean & Peeler Meatworks in Poth, Texas.

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