Ibericus Presa

Ibericus Presa


Approx weight: 1.10 lb/piece

Acorn-fed 100% Ibericus Pork 

Presa refers to a cut taken from the crossing point of the shoulder and the loin, a traditional mainstay in traditional pork agriculture on the Iberian Peninsula (the same tradition as the famed jamón Ibérico). The Iberian black pig that supports the Spanish tradition is known for its insatiable appetite and its unique nature as a free-grazing breed, roaming primarily in oak groves to sustain its never-ending search for acorns. Now, Acornseekers, a ranch in South Texas, raises Iberian pigs in oak groves according to the same tradition. Genetically predisposed to large swaths of subcutaneous and intramuscular fat (high in healthy oleic acid), the marbling on the presa is truly a step beyond anything you’d find in any butcher shop on the continent. This is the finest, most delicate, fatty, tender pork you’ll find anywhere you look.

Sourced from Acornseekers in Louise, Texas.

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