Ibericus Secreto

Ibericus Secreto


2 pieces, approx weight: 0.50 lb/piece

Acorn-fed Texas Raised 100% Ibericus Pork

The Ibericus Secreto is hidden behind the Shoulder and Fatback and that is why it is called Secreto. This piece is highly infiltrated with acorn flavored fats, high marbling with firm and silky texture, meaning extremely juicy and an intense unforgettable flavor.

The Ibericus Pigs wander the Life Oak forests of South United States munching rich pastures, natural proteins, and most importantly, Acorns. Indeed, around 15 pounds of Acorns per day. Not only they are the happiest pigs on earth, but this diet adds wonderful flavor to the pork, and all that exercise looking for food, fosters the marbling that makes Ibericus so special. The acorn and pastures flavored pork is high in Acid Oleic fats that melt at low temperatures, being healthier than the fat from normal pork.

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