We're proud and honored to work with these Texas ranchers who meet our standards and raise their animals responsibly. 

Ranger Cattle Austin, TX

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As Joshua Eilers puts it, he went from “the battlefield to the cattle field”.

After four combat deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan as a sergeant with the elite 1st Ranger Battalion, he was wounded by a Taliban grenade and received the Purple Heart. After his military service, he enrolled at the University of Texas, majoring in Biology.

Joshua included the idea for raising Wagyu cattle in an entrepreneur's class and when he presented his business model to a group of actual investors, they recommended that he secure outside financing and start Ranger Cattle. With savings from time in the military, he purchased his first 16 head of cattle. He’s now up to 65 head of Wagyu cattle and one day hopes to be up to 300.

Ranger Cattle Ranch spans 3000 acres within the city limits of Austin and, as a member of the Homegrown by Heroes coalition, offers Josh a way to differentiate his products from others in the marketplace. More importantly to Josh, Ranger Cattle provides a space for other veterans to lend a hand, share stories, enjoy a quiet, open space, and enjoy the company of the herd.

Joshua says, “I want to raise them on Austin grass, feed them on Austin grass, have them processed here, sell them to Austin restaurants and have the people of Austin enjoy this tasty and healthy product.”


Ranger Cattle Fullblood Wagyu practices the highest level of humane animal management:

  • No antibiotics or hormones.

  • Cutting edge, low-stress cattle management techniques.

  • Cattle free to roam 3000 acres to express their natural grazing and social instincts.

  • Free grazing on Austin grasses and diet supplemented with non-GMO barley from local Austin breweries.

  • Ranger Cattle raises their own cattle.  They know when they are bred, born, weaned and harvested.

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Cobb Creek Farm Hillsboro, TX

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Cobb Creek Farm pastured poultry is raised the old-fashioned way: on fresh green pasture and wholesome, non-GMO feed. 

Their model has been developed over the last twenty years and allows the birds to be raised in a cleaner, healthier, happier environment. All Cobb Creek Cornish broilers are harvested humanely right on the farm in a state-inspected processing facility.


Each bird is humanely raised and given the continuous opportunity to act on its natural chicken instincts. Cobb Creek chickens are:

  • Never given antibiotics, steroids, hormones, or arsenic (completely drug-free).

  • Brooded out of the weather on deep bedding that provides protection for new chicks and an environment for expressing natural chicken behavior.

  • Taken to pasture at three weeks of age and moved daily to a new, fresh pasture.

  • Allowed to forage, scratch, run around, and express natural chicken behavior inside Mobile Range Coops.

  • Given only non-GMO feed milled in Texas.

  • Harvested humanely in small batches at a farm-owned, state-inspected processing facility.

Cobb Creek's drug-free, humane practices provide Rosso & Flynn's customers with consistently high quality poultry we all can feel great about.

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Dean & Peeler Premium Beef Poth, TX

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Dean & Peeler's believes that happy, stress-free cows produce a higher quality product — so for 100+ years, they’ve honed their entire system around responsibly raising their animals. 

Most cattle operations are disjointed: an animal will exchange hands four to six times before reaching a grocery store, which is difficult on the cattle and creates quality, health and environmental inefficiencies.

Dean & Peeler Premium Beef is different. From the moment the calves are born their care is carefully controlled and maintained by a team of Dean & Peeler cowboys, veterinarians, and nutritionists. The ranch land, the feedlot and the beef that ends up on your table is all owned, raised, managed and processed by one company — an incredibly rare feat in the industry.


Dean & Peeler's has honed their craft for over 100 years in the cattle business. Their cattle are: 

  • Never given added hormones and or antibiotics.

  • Herded by real cowboys to implement a low-stress form of cattle management.

  • Hand-fed as calves for proper nutrition levels.

  • Treated according to world famous animal behaviorist Temple Grandin's Livestock Handling System focusing on low stress and humanely-raising practices.

  • Follow a pasture rotation system that provides access to fresh feed and sunshine, and allows the cattle to exhibit their natural social patterns while the pasture they just left has a chance to recover.

  • USDA "Responsibly Raised" certified.

This level of ownership allows Dean & Peeler Premium Beef to provide traceable product information to Rosso & Flynn customers, along with incredibly consistent, tasty, and tender beef.

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Smith & Smith Burlington, TX

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Smith & Smith Farm is a small, family-owned and -operated farm in Burlington, Texas. After being laid off in 2009, Colby Smith was at a cross-roads, with advice from his grandfather warning not to become a farmer, because, as he said, “you work seven days a week with no benefits, no retirement.”  

But with farming in Colby’s blood, he and his twin brother began their operation in 2009. It’s a true family effort; his wife, his mother, his sister-in-law, and even his young daughter chip in at the farm and at farmers markets. The 4-legged workers include his dog, Ruger, who herds the chickens, and their Great Pyrenees, who guards the hogs and sheep. Colby truly appreciates “knowing what our animals have eaten from the day they are born, on”.

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Smith and Smith Farms is also one of the rare farms raising the Heritage Breed Red Wattle Pig.  Once thought to be extinct, a dedicated group of hog farmers has come together to keep the breed alive.  To be considered a Heritage Breed it must be:  a true genetic breed; an endangered breed; a long history in the US; and purebred status.

Smith and Smith’s chickens and hogs have access to more than 50 acres of farmland to socialize and express their natural behaviors and peck, scratch and wallow.  Smith and Smith’s hogs and chickens are:   

  • Never given antibiotics, hormones or arsenic.

  • USDA Inspected

  • Given only non-GMO feed milled in Texas.

  • Harvested humanely in small batches at a USDA and State-inspected processing facility.

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