+ Why is your meat special?

Before determining our criteria, we spent months researching “Big Ag” and the history and future of the meat business. Here are our Five Pillars:

  • Traceable: Our ranchers and farmers have to be transparent with their raising, breeding, and feeding practices. We want to be able to tell you where the product came from, when was it processed and packaged, etc.
  • Diet: We work with ranchers and farmers who tailor the animals diet to both their biology and season.
  • Humane: We work with ranchers and farmers whose animals have access to grass, water, sunshine and fresh air from birth to market. We care that the animals to be managed in a low-stress environment.
  • Land: We want to work with ranchers and farmers who take care of the land. These are family owned and run businesses so they understand that they have a responsibility to the current and future generations.
  • Nose to Tail: We want to be able to provide an outlet for the rancher and farmer to sell products that are typically found in restaurants but also for cuts and products that aren’t. This is part of our zero-waste mission.

+ How do you select your ranches and farms?

Our criteria supports farms that are practicing humane treatment of animals, sustainability and high quality products. Here’s our ranch and farm criteria:

  • Local: Supporting local ranchers and pork and chicken farmers is critical to our business. These are family owned and run operations where the livelihood of their family depends on the viability of their farm. All farms are within a 2 hours drive of Austin, TX.
  • Transparency: The ranchers show us their entire operations, answer our questions on diet, humane practices and the life of the animal so we can share with our customers.
  • Humane Practices: Our ranches practice humane treatment of their animals, which means the animals live a life on real pasture in the sun with lots of land to roam and eat according to their natural biology.
  • Taste and Quality: Everything we offer is 100% human tested! We sample our products with friends, family, chefs and our best customers. If anyone says they wouldn’t order it again, then we don’t offer it.
  • Eco-conscious: Our ranches are have sustainability practices, like following natural migration patterns, baling their own hay for feed and water reuse programs.
  • Passion: That’s why we’re all here! Our ranches are family run businesses with fathers, sons, mothers and daughters all working together to provide great tasting meat from well-cared for, healthy animals.

+ Are your ranchers organically certified?

Our ranchers are not organically certified because it is an expensive and lengthy process for small farms to have to go through, especially with the thin margins of pasture raised farms. The meat is GMO free, antibiotic free, hormone free, pasture raised and responsibly raised.


+ Antibiotic and Hormone free?

Yes, all of our meat is hormone and antibiotic free.

+ Soy free?

Yes, all of our meat is soy free.

+ Is the beef all grassfed or pasture raised?

Both actually. Our ranchers and farmers all raise their products on local, working land. Cattle have access to thousands of acres of ranchland and cowboys move them from pasture to pasture to allow them to express natural instinctive behaviors, provide the cattle access to fresh grass and allow the previous grassland to recover.

So the animals spend their lives on fresh grass and will receive supplemental grain according to the season and their biology, for example in winter they will receive a mixture of grain and grass versus spring or summer when there is fresh grass. Through our research, we believe the best way to raise animals humanely is to feed them according to their natural biology and the season.

+ What about the chickens and pigs?

They’re outside all the time too. These aren’t factory farmed animals but raised by local families. The chickens and pigs have access to hundreds of acres of farmland to scratch, peck, and wallow and can express their natural instinctive behaviors.

All our meat comes from within 150 miles of Austin and is raised humanely, which means they are fed and live according to their biology and the season in a low stress environment. Chickens have free range to eat grass and clover and enjoy the sun. And cows are herded by real cowboys on fresh grass that is also their feed.

+ Do you ever finish off the meat with corn or vegetarian diet at any point?

Both our Wagyu and traditional beef are both raised on thousands of acres of Texas pasture land and feed on pasture grasses. Traditional beef is fed a mix of grains and grasses towards the end of feeding process.

+ What does pasture raised mean?

We agree. There are a lot of confusing and misleading food labels out there so let us tell you what it means to us.

It means that the animals aren’t contained in pens, not crowded, not force fed and not stressed. But rather, It means that they spend the majority of their lifetime outside with thousands of acres of farm and ranch land to demonstrate natural instinctive behaviors; they have the ability to socialize, eat natural foods, be in the sun, and not be stressed. Every rancher and farmer we’ve spoken with says that the natural and low-stress impact on the animals make for a superior products.

+ Do your farmers and ranchers use glyphosate, or other products that are banned in organic farming, on their property?

No, none of our ranches use glyphosate (RoundUp) or any products banned from organic farming on their ranges.

+ Is your pork and chicken certified organic? Is it fed an organic diet in addition to what may be free ranged?

Our pork and poultry is not organically certified, because it is an expensive and lengthy process for small farms to have to go through, especially with the thin margins of pasture raised farms. Their feed IS GMO free, antibiotic free, hormone free, and soy free - which are the same qualifiers as organic feed. But feed is only a small part of the chicken and pigs’ diets, so we asked our farmers about how they treat the grass. Our ranchers don't use glyphosate or any products banned from organic farming on their ranges, so the grass the animals are eating is technically organic, too.


+ When do I have to order by?

Order by 2pm Tuesday for Thursday delivery and 2pm Thursday for Sunday morning delivery.

+ Why do I have to order in advance?

  • Zero-waste: We provide our orders to the ranchers and farms so they know how much to prepare for the week
  • Custom Cuts: Custom orders require some advance notice. If you want your steak cut to 2 inches thick, we need to let the butcher know in advance.
  • Freshness: Our ground beef is ground after our orders are placed. It’s not like a grocery store where it’s been sitting around for weeks. The chicken we provide is processed as close to the delivery date as possible to ensure maximum freshness.

+ How does delivery work?

You’ll receive confirmation of your order when it’s placed. Next, you’ll receive a text 24-hours before your delivery window begins.

+ I'm not going to be home when you deliver!

Get out your cooler! If you’re not going to be home, let us know that you’ve left a cooler with ice or cool packs to leave the product in. If you don’t have a cold cooler, in the hotter months it’s important that you’re home in 2 hours after drop off to place the product in your fridge. This is critical to maintain proper food safety.


+ How do your price your product?

It’s important to understand that we work with local ranchers and farmers so they’re not going to have the same efficiencies and scale that larger supermarkets will have. Our goal is to provide product priced between the large scale supermarkets and the higher-end supermarkets. And, the pricing includes free delivery to your home so it’d be cool if you consider that when comparing.

+ What other products do you offer?

Great question. We’re a growing operation so we’re limited in what we can handle right now. However, we’ve recently added more chicken, more beef and more pork options. And, we’re researching and meeting with ranchers and suppliers for options like bison, turkey, sausage and bacon. Stay tuned.

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