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Rosso & Flynn sources meat from local ranches committed to quality, transparency and sustainability. We share suppliers with some of the top farm-to-table restaurants in Austin. All animals are pasture-raised on real grass and our suppliers pay the utmost care to the health and humane treatment of their animals. This means no antibiotics (unless the animal is sick), no arsenic, no hormones, no GMOs, no soy and no “by-product feedstuffs,” which include bakery leftovers and candy. The animals are fed what they are supposed to eat! Additionally, our ranchers choose to leave the land better than they found it, by implementing regenerative agriculture practices and holistic land management.

In an industry swamped in mystery, we encourage customers to ask us questions. We provide access to an experienced butcher to mentor you on your culinary exploration, and to comfortably introduce you to imaginative, lesser-known cuts. Our value lies in helping the local community gain perspective on the importance of supporting local proprietors and demanding transparency around the meat on your table. Great meals start with great ingredients, and we stand determined to empower home cooks.

Founders' Story


Co-founders Lisa Flynn and Manuel Rosso met while working at separate Austin startups, but would quickly form a bond around a shared frustration: why was it so hard, they wondered, to find meat worthy of the home kitchen? If the commercial meat industry couldn’t produce their acceptable level of quality, where were the ranchers who could? From necessity, a business was born, and the two set out to identify local ranches dedicated to quality and humanity. 

Manuel Rosso’s childhood memories conjure his family's connection to their Puerto Rican land and local food sources. A serial entrepreneur focused in the intersection of food and technology, he believed developing technological systems could be used to reinvent the connection between proprietor and consumer, reviving a relationship universal to the agricultural market prior to the decline of the traditional butcher shop. Central Texas, he found, offered ranches meeting the highest standards, as well as consumers interested in bypassing the supermarket supply. 

Manuel Rosso

"My mom only bought meat from the butcher shop, and would never consider buying it at the grocery store.

She'd say, 'What do they know about meat?!'"

Lisa Flynn, a lifelong foodie drawn to Austin by a job in the startup tech industry, found a certain kind of food skeptic in Manuel. Their initial interest in food and food sourcing developed into an business-minded analysis of food sourcing as a whole. Never had the grocery market been open to such creative disruption as the years leading up to their meeting.  With ready-to-cook delivery meal kits on the rise, and the the explosion of the high-end grocery market, the pair began to examine the market with their own concern in mind: meat. A dive into research on commercial sourcing left Lisa a vegetarian by shock, and a mission to source and distribute "the good stuff" was born. 

Lisa Flynn

"The quality of meat I found at the local Austin farm-to-table restaurants and farmers markets inspired me to search beyond the disappointing meat section at the grocery store."

Manuel and Lisa started Rosso & Flynn for themselves, because they felt they deserved to know where the food on their table came from. They believe you do, too.

Our Team

Manuel Rosso

Co-Founder & CEO

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Lisa Flynn


Favorite cut:

Wagyu Bavette