Chicken Thighs, Bone-in, Skin-on

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Each pack comes is approximately 1.25-1.5lbs and comes with 4 bone-in, skin-on chicken thighs.

Our butcher (and most home cooks) love bone-in chicken thighs because of their forgiving fat content which adds flavor while helping to ensure a juicy cook. With these lean thighs from Cobb Creek Farm in Hillsboro, Texas, you'll get the healthiest level of fat while preserving that dark meat flavor - not like the fatty mess from the supermarket. Chicken thigh recipes come in all flavors, so be sure to check out a few of our favorites below. The thighs are from Cornish Cross broilers who are moved daily to fresh grass pasture and never given antibiotics, steroids, hormones, or arsenic. Limited quantity per week so order as soon as possible; let the online butcher bring the goods to you!

Chicken thighs recipe: One-pan chicken thighs with sun-dried tomatoes.

Chicken thighs recipe: Smoked chicken thigh tacos.

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