Whole Heritage Red Wattle Pig

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Blow your guests away and feed a crowd at your next party with a whole pig roast. Our butcher provides a guide for roasting (see our guides for using a Caja China and making a rub), and, after many company whole pig roast, the employees and friend of Rosso & Flynn can attest: this is the real deal. We offer two options: the whole, unseasoned pig delivered to your door, or the pig seasoned with our achiote rub, stuffed with garlic and prepared for cooking based on your cooking vessel’s dimensions.

NOTE: The pig weighs around 75 lbs and requires two weeks’ notice. A whole roasted pig should feed over a hundred people. We will coordinate a time for delivery after your order is placed.

Read our guide to a Caja China Pig Roast.

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Read the history of the Red Wattle breed. 

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