Wagyu Flank Steak

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Estimated weight range from 1 pound  - 1.20 pounds and feeds two people.

In general, flank steak is lean, boneless and very flavorful, owing to the meaty muscle fibers running the length of the muscle. Add in the Wagyu factor, and your flank steak recipes are ready to hit the next level. The nutty intramuscular fat found within the fibers of the muscles soak up and enhance flavors from marinades and seasonings, brightening up flank steak recipes that were already a hit with the family. Easy on the grill or in the oven, and excellent with a dose of garlic and soy, the flank steak is butcher-recommended at medium-rare, to maintain the tenderness of the lean muscle while gaining a deep brown surface. Sourced from our friends at Ranger Cattle Fullblood Wagyu in East Austin.

Primal: Loin

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