Red Wattle Pork Tenderloin

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Estimated weight range from 1 lb - 1.2 lbs and feeds two people.

The pork tenderloin is the aptly-named most tender cut on the hog, owing to the fact that the muscle is barely used during the life of the animal. While pork loin in general is hailed for maintaining porky good flavor without much fat at all, with this product from Smith & Smith Farms in Burlington, Texas, you'll taste a new level of clean, lean pork power. Pork loin recipes are many: easy in the oven, excellent when executed correctly on the grill, or - for a Texas twist - load the loin with salt and black pepper and throw it in the smoker. A favorite among butchers and home cooks, the Red Wattle Pork Tenderloin makes sandwiches, tacos and more for a crowd.

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Read the history of the Red Wattle breed.

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