Wagyu Skirt Steak

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Approximately 1.1lb, Serves 2-3

Why Our Butcher Picked This Cut

For the value-conscious, flavor-loving cook, you can't find a better match than the skirt steak - especially when it's locally raised Wagyu from Ranger Cattle in East Austin. This traditionally historically unvalued cut was often a form of payment to Mexican ranch hands on Texas cattle drives, where the workers unknowingly invented the dish we know today as fajitas. Slightly stringier and less meaty than the flank steak, this cut works best on a hot grill and sliced against the grain for tacos. Our butcher prefers this skirt steak marinated or rubbed with spices and seared or grilled quick with high heat. With all the different marinade and rub options, our butcher encourages you to try different variations on the skirt steak: Mexican fajitas, Korean bulgogi, Brazilian-style with chimichurri.

Primal: Rib

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