Wagyu Bavette
Wagyu Bavette

Wagyu Bavette

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Estimated weight range from 1 lb - 1.20 lbs and feeds two people. 

Like the skirt steak and flank steak, the bavette features a lower price because it’s cut from a less tender muscle of the steer. However, when prepared appropriately (and sliced against the grain!), the load of connective tissue in this relatively unknown cut actually provides the perfect taste and texture for some of our favorite dishes. Add in that succulent intramuscular fat from the fullblood Wagyu breed sourced from Austin’s Ranger Cattle, and this Wagyu bavette becomes a hit off the grill for tacos, or marinated with a bit of soy and garlic and baked to medium rare. Sometimes called the “butcher’s best kept secret,” the Wagyu bavette is the beefy, flavor-filled treat you may not have tried.

Primal: Loin

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