Ground Beef

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Each order contains 1lb. Feeds two people comfortably.

Our superior ground beef, sourced from Dean & Peeler Meatworks in Poth, Texas, comes in two blends to satisfy any of your ground beef recipes. For hamburger recipes, your Austin butcher recommends the 80/20 blend (fat/lean muscle) for rich, flavorful bites. For ground beef recipes where other sources of fat will be present (like stews or chili), opt for the 96/4 leaner blend. Either way, you‚ are about to taste the most flavorful burgers, meatballs, or stews you have ever had. (Read Manuel's meatball recipe.) Ground at Dean & Peeler Meatworks using exclusively USDA Reserve beef trimmings, this is the most gourmet version of the most economic way to eat meat - ground beef.

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Ever wondered how ground beef is made? Read why knowing your source is especially important.

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