The Prime Pack

The Prime Pack

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Treat yourself to the finest fresh Texas beef - Lonestars not included. This prime pack includes 1 Flatiron Steak, 1 Boneless Prime Ribeye, Texas-Style Beef Ribs, 1 Top Sirloin and a complimentary 4 oz jar of our Butcher's Finishing Salt. All responsibly-raised and sustainable steaks are from ranches in Central Texas.

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Flat Iron Steak

Each steak is 1 in. thick and about 10-12oz. Feeds two people nicely. 

The flat iron steak hides within the shoulder’s top blade muscle, and is lesser known in the common butcher shop because of the strip of tough fascia that needs to be removed from the muscle in order to access this light, delicate cut. Tender and petite, the flat iron steak comes with a sufficient marbling to pack delicious beef flavor. Perfect steak on its own, but benefits from a side of frites and parsley-shallot butter melting on top. Sourced from Dean & Peeler Meatworks in Poth, Texas.

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Top Sirloin Steak

One large top sirloin weighs approximately 1.8-2 lbs, feeds 4-5 people.

Our butcher calls the top sirloin steak the “Ultimate Dad Steak”. The top sirloin steak is the more elegant neighbor of the sirloin steak, coming from slightly higher up the loin primal, resulting in added tenderness and flavor. Sourced from Dean & Peeler Meatworks in Poth, Texas, these pasture-raised top sirloin steaks are perfect for the family to share — our butcher suggests a medium-temperature cook on the grill, or cooking in a hot cast iron pan, served alongside a flavorful sauce. Either way, the top sirloin steak is ideal when several mouths are hungry for a cut that never disappoints.

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Ribeye, Boneless

Estimated weight for standard is 1 - 1.2lbs and thick estimated weight is 1.4 - 1.6lbs. 

The rib eye steak represents the pinnacle of rich decadence in the butcher shop. Densely marbled, this boneless steak cut from the heart of the rib section is as flavorful as it is dependably moist, due to the forgiving fat found throughout the muscle group. The boneless rib eye packs enough punch with its own rich flavor to stand without much more than a kiss of salt and pepper. For the beefy king of all steaks, let Rosso & Flynn’s butcher shop bring you the succulent goodness of the rib, sourced from Dean & Peeler Meatworks in Poth, Texas.

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Texas Style Short Ribs, Bone-in

Each rack will weigh between 3.5 and 4.5 lbs with four large, 6 inch meaty ribs. Serves four generously. 

Beef ribs are the shining star of a number of Texas barbecue joints, and we’re bringing them to the modern butcher shop so you can try them at home. Many at-home pitmasters go for a smoked short rib recipe, seasoned with just salt and pepper (the Texas way). If you’re trying to stay indoors, they work just as well as an uber-succulent, fall-apart-tender braised delight. The instructions are easy to set-and-forget: first sear the beef ribs in a pan, then set on the stove, in the oven or even in a crock pot. Cook low and slow for a few hours until the short rib meat pulls off the bone and the fat has been rendered into an aromatic-heavy sauce. Sourced from Dean & Peeler Meatworks in Poth, Texas.

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Rosso & Flynn Finishing Salt

A custom salt blend created by our butcher for finishing on chicken and steaks. Packed with herbs and spices like fennel, lemon, tarragon and shallots, it’s sure to raise the steaks for any dish.

Packed in a 4oz jar.

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