The Prime Pack

The Prime Pack

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Treat yourself to the finest fresh Texas beef - Lonestars not included. This prime pack includes 1 Flatiron Steak, 1 Boneless Prime Ribeye, Texas-Style Beef Ribs, 1 Top Sirloin and a complimentary 4 oz jar of our Butcher's Finishing Salt. All responsibly-raised and sustainable steaks are from ranches in Central Texas.

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Flat Iron Steak

Each steak is 1 in. thick and about 10-12oz. Feeds two people nicely. 

This little-known cut is our butcher's favorite steak to take home. Flat Iron is a muscle that is found under the scapula of the shoulder of the steer. It is a tender cut with a good deal of marbling that packs a delicious beef flavor. Perfect steak on its own, but benefits from a side of frites and parsley-shallot butter melting on top.

Top Sirloin Steak

One large Top Sirloin weights approximately 1.8-2lbs, feeds 4-5 people

Our butcher calls this cut the “Ultimate Dad Steak”. The Top Sirloin is a combination of two muscles, the sirloin and the coulotte. Individually theses two muscles offer you a combination of tenderness and flavor, together you get the whole package in one large beautiful cut that could satisfy anyone’s appetite. From Dean & Peeler in Poth, TX.

Ribeye, Boneless

Estimated weight for standard is 1-1.2lbs and thick estimated weight is 1.4-1.6lbs. 

The Ribeye comes from one of the most tender cuts that a butcher can produce.  And oh, is it juicy and flavorful with just the right amount of fat. Because of the Ribeyes excellent marbling, this cut of beef is loaded with flavor and remains tender during most any cooking process.  Because of the excellent flavor, the Ribeye doesn’t require much in the way of seasoning above sea salt.  It’s that good and tender.

Texas Style Short Ribs, Bone-in

Each rack will weigh between 3.5 and 4.5 lbs with four large, 6 inch meaty ribs. Serves four generously. 

Dean & Peeler's Texas-style beef are big in flavor and big in size.  Texas beef ribs are meatier and fattier than pork ribs with huge flavor. Our butcher's advice? Don't mess too much with Texas ribs. These ribs are best with a simple salt, Cayenne pepper and black pepper rub massaged on both sides. Also, never trim the "candy": what hardcore Texas rib houses call the fat on these ribs, which adds flavor and tastes like smokey bacon when cooked.

Rosso & Flynn Finishing Salt

A custom salt blend created by our butcher for finishing on chicken and steaks. Packed with herbs and spices like fennel, lemon, tarragon and shallots, it’s sure to raise the steaks for any dish.

Packed in a 4oz jar.