Your 4th of July Party Plan

When local musician Rooney Pitchford is not playing shows around town, you can often find him grilling. Learn how he plans to cook this Fourth of July. 

From pool parties to neighborhood parades, water balloon fights to firework displays, my favorite way to honor the day we wrote that grand letter to old King George is grilling. Feeling overwhelmed? We have got you covered.

Do not leave your guests to sad, tasteless burgers. Rosso & Flynn is here to help, with a 4th of July Party Pack that covers all the proteins you will need and a plan to impress with a poolside feast fit for your dandy Yankee forefathers. The pack should feed 6-8 people generously, so order multiples of the pack as necessary. 

The pack includes two pounds of Ground Wagyu Beef, twelve whole Chicken Wings, a link of smoked Pork Sausage, a whole Skirt Steak and some of our house finishing salt to top things off. With a few hours to prepare and a plan to impress, we can make a proper feast that covers all the bases. Let's begin!


My first move is to prepare a simple marinade for the skirt steak. Do this first to tenderize the meat before it hits the grill. I opt for something on the soy-garlic side. Combine fresh garlic and soy sauce with a few ounces of olive oil and some acidity that will help tenderize the steak in preparation for cooking. Lemon or lime juice will never fail. Throw that in a sealable bag with the steak and head out for a few hours. Looking for something more unique? Try our butcher's carne asada marinade recipe


When you have a little more than an hour until serving time, set your oven to 450 degrees and grab the chicken wings. Toss them up with a dose of olive oil, salt, and pepper, and let them sit while the salt goes to work enhancing the meat’s moisture-retaining capabilities.

This will give you a few minutes to season that ground Wagyu beef with salt and pepper (and maybe a splash of Worcestershire) before dividing it into slider-size portions. I prefer forming the patties thinner rather than thicker; it allows for a quicker, more controlled cook that lessens the risk of overcooking your burgers to the point of dry. Throw the chicken wings on a sheet tray and into the oven for 30 minutes.


The simplest protein to deal with is the smoked sausage. Since you’ll have a hot grill ready for the skirt steak, start off the meal by warming the sausage up to serving temperature on the cooler side of you grill, then moving it to a hot spot to get a crispy, slightly blackened exterior that will provide a satisfying snap. Remove the sausage and let them rest for several minutes while you prepare dipping options. My family always serves appetizer sausage with a number of mustards to choose from – regular yellow, Dijon, spicy and honey mustard.

As soon as you remove the sausage, throw the skirt steak on the grill. You may consider starting on a cooler area of the grill for around ten minutes to ensure you’re up to temperature, but skirt steak is famous as a popular cut for quick searing. With this thin steak, you’re able to achieve a deep brown exterior while maintaining a rare center with only a few minutes on a hot grill.

At this same time you can treat your sliders similarly. If you went for flat patties, you don’t run a great risk of overcooking the burger with a few minutes on a hot section of the fire (though you don’t want to cook so hot that your burgers quickly look ready while the center remains raw).


Finally, get creative with your presentation. I see myself slicing that skirt steak into thin strips and serving on corn tortillas, with a fresh pico de gallo or the simple combination of onion and cilantro. Over low heat, mix butter and Lousiana hot sauce, and toss with your rested chicken wings for a simply tangy buffalo wing.

My final touch would be a hometown touch on the sliders. Rather than grabbing a pack of supermarket sliders buns, find a good loaf of sourdough, cut slices to fit your burgers, and offer an alternative to ketchup. I prefer equal parts mayonnaise and mustard, with enough dill relish to add a sour crunch.

Get creative, have fun and start with the best quality ingredients. Honor your country with the local Texas meats this Independence Day.


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