Three Games, Six Dishes: What to cook this Sunday to cheer on your teams

Dishes to celebrate the world's favorite sport. Pick a few, or try them all! Get ready to watch - and eat - all day.


Game 1: Breakfast England vs. Panama

It is 7 A.M. Central Time and you're up with a coffee and a Guinness. Just like the players, you're about to have a long day - so you'll need to fuel up. Inspired by the Brits, make a breakfast take on Bangers and Mash with our new sausage from Peaceful Pork. Make the recipe Here's a hint: Crack an egg on it.

Bangers and Mash with gravy not enough food? Spark your breakfast creativity by making an order of Ropa Vieja, a classic Panamanian dish that is slowly braised with meat, peppers and onions. Use our pasture raised chuck roast. Make the recipe

Game 2 - Lunch Poland vs. Columbia

You've made it through game one, so time for a fuel up with plenty of spice. Grab a pound of our ground beef and ground pork to make Polish Gołąbki, cabbage wrapped in meat and baked in tomato sauce. Make the recipe

On the other side of spicy, try this Columbian dish that is sure to comfort you through today's wins and losses. Sudado de Pollo is a chicken stew that is as revitalizing as it is flavorful. Our chicken drumsticks will make sure this dish is tender and flavor forward. Make the recipe

Game 3 - Afternoon Snack Japan vs. Senegal

Use our Wagyu ground beef to make the perfect afternoon snack: Wagyu Sliders. We love these little sliders made with our ground Wagyu beef, which takes them to the next level. Make the recipe

Looking for something a little more comforting? Try making Chicken Mafé, a Senegalese dish made with our chicken thighs and peanuts. Make the recipe

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