Texas Rancher Spotlight: Green Fields Farms

Green Fields Farm is a mission-driven regenerative ranch in Central Texas. Kaylyn Cobb, one of the founding ranchers there, tells us the why behind their investment in soil:

“Probably one of the more impactful parts to me about what we do is rooted in the realization and belief that our farming choices have a direct impact on the physical and mental health of those who consume the products from our farm. Both directly from the food and how we treat the ecosystem that we all share and live in. To me, that gets people thinking about where they source their food.
At Green Fields, we are producing nutrient-dense foods in a way that heals the land. We focus on healthy soil, which leads to healthy food and healthy people. Our passion is to restore the health of the land we have been blessed to steward, while providing nutrient-dense food to our local communities.”

Want to learn more about our ranchers? Email butcher@rosso-flynn.com with your questions. 

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