Seven Beef Cuts for Every Type of Dad: Make his day with these Father’s Day Gifts

Each dad is unique but we have yet to meet one that doesn’t want to eat well. Check out our list of the perfect Father’s Day gifts and cuts for all the father figures in your life.

The Coach - The Top Sirloin aka ‘The Ultimate Dad Steak’

For the dad who’s as likely to be coaching as running around the field himself, we recommend the top sirloin. Lean, mean and large to feed a hungry dad. With it’s great flavor, this cut plays well with marinades.

The Hipster - The Wagyu Bavette

For the dad who listens to Neutral Milk Hotel while sipping a Jester King ale, gift him the steak all the hip chefs are talking about. The Wagyu Bavette is as fun to pronounce as it is marbled.

The Grill Master - Prime Brisket

For the dad who knows has a drawer full of BBQ tools, and knows how to use them. Treat dad to a brisket and a sleepless, smokey night.

The Texan - The Beef Ribs

For the dad who owns a special rib bib just for this occasion, give him a piece of meat as large as his plate. Smoke or grill these theatrical ribs for a special occasion.

The Traveler - The Picanha

For the dad who has more that three stamps in his passport and a collection of snow globes on the dresser. The picanha is a brazilian tri-tip with a glorious fat-cap that is sure to put some samba in his step.

The Techie - The NY Strip Sous Vide Packs

For the dad who knows where Alton Brown ate last and what recipe was debunked on Serious Eats, let him whip out his equipment, get the water temperature juuust right and make the perfect steaks.

The New Dad - The Prime Pack

For the Dad who just received his bundle of joy, give him The Prime Pack to reward him for all of his sleepless nights.

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