Quality Meat Deserves Patience

We know planning a menu ahead can be hard. But taking the time to order in advance makes a huge difference. Here’s why:

Direct sourcing

We pick up directly from our Texas ranches so we know exactly where our meat is coming from and that process takes some planning between our ranchers and us. Just like farm-to-table restaurants, we have relationships with our ranchers for weekly pickups.

Freshest meat possible

Conventional meat is passed between five to six different people (supplier, processor, wholesaler, distributor…) before getting to the grocery store shelf. That whole process can take up to two weeks! Our process takes less than 36 hours so we can provide the freshest possible meat.

No spoilage or waste

We cut and pack only what has been ordered. Our meat is fresher than anything you can get at the grocery store. Plus, it keeps our prices competitive and is better for the environment.

Routine & tradition

Manuel grew up going to the butcher shop every Sunday with his mother and it was a cherished family tradition. We want you to do the same. To be creative in the kitchen, it is important to have routine. You can count on us to set you up with all your proteins for the week.

Having access to the freshest meat sourced from local Texas family ranches deserves patience and you deserve the best!

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