Our Butcher's 6 Favorite Grilling Cuts for Summer

Developing skill around a fire offers a path to exploring the preparation and marination methods that make a creative project out of a meal. Making a habit of improving one meal – consider the "Friday grilled chicken" night – opens up a ritual opportunity to improve the sides and seasonings you may have put on the back-burner. The first Friday in June you might have over-charred chicken off the grill, served alongside a lazy coleslaw recipe you found in the first Google link you clicked. Come of end of July, you'll be a proficient reader of chicken over fire, communing with your grill in a style all your own, sensing the color of the very deepest part of the breast with a quick glance and feel at the surface. And you'll be serving it alongside your signature coleslaw, its recipe now scribbled on a notecard hidden under your bed. 

And what time, if any, is more appropriate to pick your new signature protein than the months when poolside parties and long evenings can't be avoided. Soon your friends won't be scared, murmuring that "Nancy's cooking the steaks again." They'll be hoping they get another taste of a practiced, fleshed-out summer treat. 

Let’s start with choosing the perfect cuts of meat. Great food starts with great ingredients, and the butcher here at Rosso & Flynn prides himself on sourcing the highest quality meat from local ranches in Central Texas. As he's been known to say, “The way our ranchers respect their animals really reflects in the quality of the product.” Here are a few of our favorite summer cuts, from the staple spatchcocked chicken to Peaceful Pork country ribs that will have the party asking, "Where did this meat come from?

And as a Rosso & Flynn customer, you'll be able to say, "Actually, I can tell you exactly where this came from."

While it was difficult to choose, here are our butcher's 6 favorite cuts to grill this summer:

  1. Country ribs: These are bone in, they cook pretty quickly and have a lot of flavor. There’s not much dressing up necessary!

  2. Wagyu flat iron: Where to start… this super tasty, marbled cut of meat melts in your mouth like butter.

  3. Skirt steak: Cooks super quick and takes well to marinades and spices

  4. Lean spare ribs: Marinate these babies overnight in Ponzu with fresh citrus, honey and seasonings. Baste them with a brown sugar, spicy mixture for that sticky goodness.

  5. Spatchcocked Chicken: High quality birds are super important and when you spatchcock you get an even cook and it’s way faster!

  6. Chicken Wings: You can’t beat ‘em! Grilled, smoked, dry rubbed or saucy - these are always de-lish.

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