Order for the weekend: Introducing Thursday Delivery

You asked, we delivered. For those whose imaginations go beyond Sunday afternoon, welcome to Thursday delivery.

At Rosso & Flynn, we build a community of friends and customers through a shared interest in experimentation. We research recipes on cuts we've never cooked, then wait through the week for that Sunday delivery, when we can break out our chosen marinades and methods. But with cooler temperatures and football gatherings just around the corner, a common refrain has become all the more urgent: what about the rest of the weekend? With just Sunday as a free cooking afternoon, we’ve had to shelve one, two, sometimes three recipes per week!

With Thursday delivery, Rosso & Flynn becomes your one-stop shop for a weekend of fall activities. Friday date night? Saturday tailgate? Lazy Sunday? Welcome to your one-stop shop for a weekend’s worth of recipes old and new, without freezing or saving Sunday’s bounty for the following Friday.

Leave the office Thursday evening, stop by the grocery for some weekend supplies, and head home to find your delivery waiting at the door. Unpack the goods; flank steak for Friday, chicken wings, drumsticks and thighs for the Saturday tailgate, finished off with a pork shoulder for the Sunday evening feast. Knock out some prep work Thursday night to be ready for the weekend. We plan on a brine for the chicken and a compound butter for steak night.

Friday after work, breeze home from work with flank steak night just a few steps away. With a quick marinade, a pan sear and some vegetables, your weekend is off to a hot start (especially with the compound butter you made the night before). 

Saturday afternoon, friends are gathering at your place to watch the game. Grab those brined chicken pieces from the fridge, cook them up on the grill, and finish with your favorite sauce. Warming up Louisiana hot sauce with butter makes for a simply delicious buffalo flavor. 

Sunday, you’re burnt out, but you’ve planned ahead. That pork shoulder in the fridge has been waiting since Thursday, and it’s going to take a while.  Try our Porchetta-style slow roasted pork recipe, adapted from the New York Times.

A weekend of project cooking with a purpose. Now possible with Thursday delivery. 

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