How to Meal Prep with Lisa Flynn

Lisa Flynn, one of the founders of Rosso & Flynn, loves to cook but often does not have a lot of time. In our series Preppers, she answers questions about how she plans and prepares food for the week.

Who is in your household?

It is just my fiancée and myself. I do most of the cooking unless I want the perfect soft boiled egg, which is where my fiancée is the expert.

How do you plan your meals?

The rule I use is I never start from zero: I look to what I have in my fridge, CSA box and freezer to direct my cooking for the week. My cooking is directed more by what I have and what is in season then recipes.

I have been getting a CSA box from Johnson’s Backyard Garden for a few years and depend on it for locally-sourced vegetable inspiration. For my Rosso & Flynn order, on Thursday I will pick a few cuts that sound good to me, usually a whole chicken and butcher’s steak like a bavette or a flat iron, for Sunday delivery. I also throw in something new to try: oxtail in the winter, lamb chops in the spring, beef cheek this summer.

The secret to the rest of my cooking is lots of condiments like vinegar, sauces, lemons, nuts, seeds and healthy oils. And a good loaf of sourdough.

Where do you get inspiration for cooking?

The index of a handful of cookbooks is usually where I start. I see what I have in the fridge and freezer, take out a stack of cookbooks and get inspired. Six Seasons is my new favorite, Gjelina is a standby and anything that has Alice Water’s name on the cover. I start leafing through the different recipes and in a few short minutes, I am inspired and in the kitchen cooking.

What is your go-to Rosso & Flynn order?

Whole chicken or chicken thighs, a steak cut like a bavette or flat iron and pork chops.

I am always looking to learn about new cuts, so a lamb neck or oxtail will get thrown into the mix and a call to the butcher on the best way to prepare.

What do you do when you get your meat on Sunday?

If I’m not using it by Wednesday, it is going into the freezer. If I am making my whole roast chicken recipe, I will take it out of the fridge and season and let it come to room temperature an hour before cooking.

What is your method for cooking once, eating twice?

My whole roast chicken on for Sunday supper has been a tradition. You have a little extra time to prepare it and surround it with local vegetables. I will take whatever good-looking local veg I got in my CSA box, wash it and chop it into wedges. Then I’ll surround the chicken with the veggies in a pan and roast until perfection. After we have enjoyed the chicken, I will shred the rest of the chicken and put it in a container to go on salads, in stir-fries or in a soup for the rest of the week. I will save the carcass in a Ziplock bag in the freezer until I have enough to make chicken stock. Read more about my zero waste chicken stock recipe here.

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