Celebrating a Truly Local Thanksgiving

As another year enters its final months, the time is right to recognize and be thankful for the good people and good time that have come our way in 2018. At Rosso & Flynn, our team has grown, we’ve built connections with suppliers and customers, and we’ve made tons of new friends in the singular community that is the Austin food industry. From brewers to farmers to the hungry Austinites who reap the benefits, we are a community blessed with an abundance of readily available local food sources. Unlike much of the country, we’re not forced to trust supermarkets with sourcing and processing our foods; we can go right to the source. And for that, we’re thankful.

We talk a lot about keeping our food sources local and transparent, not only because we want to support local business, but because we find that the nearby suppliers simply do it better than anyone else. So this year, we’re taking a moment to highlight some of our friends and partners who make it possible to supply a full Thanksgiving dinner without having to leave the area code.

We’re thrilled to be partnering with a few favorite local brands to make the 2018 holiday season the best one yet. We started off hanging out at Zilker Brewing Co., tasting their spread of year-round and seasonal beers and coming up with pairings and recipes to let our customers explore the essential bond of beer and meat. Zilker is a mainstay of the Austin beer scene, dishing out a wide range of delicious brews at their taproom on East 6th.

A spread of JBG veggies with quail from Diamond H Ranch

For seasonal vegetables throughout the year, we’re thankful for Johnson’s Backyard Garden, whose CSA program began in East Austin in 2004 and has grown to be a supplier for restaurants, markets and households across town. Visit JBG online and see the story of ubiquitous Austin brand committed to organic methods, and ensuring that Austinites never have to look far for local produce.

Finally, we’re thankful for our new friends at Antonelli’s Cheese Shop, purveyors of fine cheeses at three locations in Austin. Their shops are an opportunity to experience delicious meats and cheeses presented in a friendly and welcoming atmosphere. Stay tuned – in the coming weeks we’ll be releasing content from our collaborative work with Antonelli’s.

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