At the Rosso Family Table

Founder Manuel Rosso, a father of four, knows the value of the family dinner table. “Back-to-school is a hectic but exciting time for us,” he says. “Coming together at the end of the day for dinner is part of our family routine.” His family shares their three favorite back to school dinners that can be made quickly.


With three teenagers in the house, the Rosso’s need food that is both healthy and filling. Sheet-pan meatballs can be made in a large batch and eaten as a snack on their own or with pasta for dinner. Plus, making the meatballs is easy, so the kids get involved and help. You can throw them in a frying pan or in the oven, and get creative with an altered ground meat blend each time. See the recipe

Porchetta Tacos

The porchetta can be made quickly in the morning and left to bubble away in a slow cooker all day. When the family comes home from work and school, the house smells amazing, and dinner comes together in a snap. Simply shred the pork shoulder, pour some of the cooking juices over the meat, and serve with tortillas, queso fresca and salsa. Since the pork shoulder is large, leftovers are almost guaranteed, and can be served with rice or on a sandwich for another meal. See the recipe

Pan-Seared Bavette

A gourmet, one-pan dinner that comes together in about ten minutes? The Rossos recommend the bavette, which cooks quickly in their favorite large cast iron skillet. The bavette is seasoned lightly with salt, then pan-seared surrounded by vegetables that cook side-by-side. Impressive and delicious. See our guide to pan searing

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