A Rosso & Flynn Holiday Gift Guide

This holiday season, Rosso & Flynn is making it easier than ever to find the perfect gift for the meat lover in your family or office. From seasonal cuts to house made spice rubs, from finishing salts to gift cards, we offer a slate of gifts we’re pretty sure your grill-obsessed friend has never received. Shop online now, and we’ll even deliver the goods to the Austin recipient of your choosing.

5 Holiday Gifts from Rosso & Flynn

Beef Tenderloin

The king of all cuts. For a limited time, our holiday shop is stocked with center-cut beef tenderloin from Dean & Peeler Premium Beef in Poth, Texas. The preparation options are many, and each one is full-gourmet in its own way. Prepared as a roast, the whole tenderloin is excellent when liberally seasoned, pan-seared on a hot-as-can-be skillet, and finished in the oven with a short, high-temperature approach, leaving the center perfectly pink while building beautiful browned flavors on the surface. Our friend Chef Taylor Byrd provided a step-by-step approach to turning the tenderloin into a full meal in our JBG collaboration feature. For the adventurous, wrap the seared tenderloin in puff pastry for beef Wellington, or slice the raw muscle into medallion steaks for filet mignon.

R&F Gift Card: the “Butcher’s Treat”

Perfect for the indecisive carnivore. With a card starting at $25, meat lovers can grab a meal’s worth of local, pasture-raised protein, and with a larger gift, you can finance a month’s worth of meals or supply a meat-centric holiday party with the best meat in Texas, delivered right to their door. When it comes down to the wire and you haven’t finished all of your shopping, keep in mind that gift cards are instantly downloaded.

Steak Bundle

The perfect gift for the meat connoisseur in your life, this steak sampler provides a gourmet sampling experience for the whole family, or a week’s worth of hearty beef for one. From the well-known marbled delight of a USDA Prime Ribeye to the obscure, extremely tender Wagyu sirloin filet, the tastes and textures in this pack span the spectrum of steak experience. Grab one for the family, or gift it to a friend – we’ll make the delivery either way. Bundle includes 1 Prime Ribeye, 1 Prime New York Strip, 1 Wagyu sirloin filet, and 1 flat iron steak.

Shop steak bundles and more.

Finishing Salts

When recipes are meant to impress, add a bit of our signature finishing salt on the way to the table. For the chef in your life, our butcher designed a house made final touch to bring the most out of the steaks and chicken coming out of the kitchen. The blend combines flavors from fennel, tarragon, lemon, and shallots, for an elegant kiss of flavor before your recipes hit the table.

Boxing Day Bundle

In formerly British countries across the globe, Boxing Day provides a post-Christmas regroup, perfect for a family supper before heading back to work. In honor of our friends across the pond and beyond, this Boxing Day bundle provides the essentials for an English-themed feast. Beef tenderloin is the king of the roasts, delicious when pan-seared and thrown in the oven for a quick finish (for a true nod to the Brits, grab some puff pastry for Beef Wellington).Bratwurst sausage makes for a hearty side that lends well to mustard and beans, and the quail knots provide a light appetizer to balance the meal. Send this bundle to the family you know will still be hungry after the big holiday.

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