5 Cold-weather Recipes for Fall

Here in Texas, the summer months are for margaritas and afternoons are around the grill, and the heat can make it hard to even imagine taking down hot soup or a plate of spaghetti and meatballs. Now that the clouds have set in and the temperature reminds us of impending autumn, it’s time to hit the reset button on the kitchen gameplan, from light, refreshing arrangements to the warm, dense comfort foods that keep us fed through the fall and winter. We asked around the kitchen for a few favorite cold-weather recipes, and came up with a diverse but familiar list of favorites.

1) Chicken Soup Three Ways

“Chicken noodle soup” may conjure memories of the simple, salty, canned delight available for a dollar a can at the supermarket. By starting with a homemade, deeper and richer stock, you’ll be altering and improving your own take on the childhood favorite until you discover a personal recipe that breaks the mold. To start, check out three different takes on chicken soup, play with spices and aromatics, and keep the whole family fed for the week.

Read our three takes on chicken soup, and order whole chickens for broth.

2) Chili

We love recipes that provide a starting point for a lifetime of experimentation. With this recipe to provide a foundation, you can begin the journey to developing and passing on a family recipe of your own. Read the recipe below, and don’t hesitate to shake up spice ratios, or to buy a bag of Fritos to act as a topper.

Read our favorite chili recipe here, and order ground beef.

3) Pot Roast

If you’re still on the search for your perfect pot roast, there’s never a need to make the same version twice. A few key steps in the preparation can make a huge difference in the quality of your final product, but the ingredients, from vegetables to spices to beef cuts, can change with each Sunday roast. This recipe provides for the reader to pick and choose from a general list of possibilities, and experiment from roast to roast. Order a chuck roast, grab some veggies from the market, preheat the oven and enjoy a lazy day around the kitchen.

Read our pot roast recipe here, and order a roast.

4) One-pan chicken thighs with sun-dried tomatoes

Quick to cook, quick to clean, and utterly delicious. With this hearty recipe you’ll get everything done in one pan, and at the same time your chicken thighs cook into a tender main event, the rest of the contents will condense into a rich, sun-dried tomato cream sauce for pasta or rice.

Read the one-pan chicken thigh recipe here, and order thighs here.

5) Meatballs

We couldn’t help but reach back into our archives for a Rosso family favorite. On a rainy fall day, meatball preparation gives the whole family the chance to contribute to the night’s feast. Kids and parents alike experiment with ratios of beef to pork, spices to breadcrumbs, etc. Good for days in the fridge and delicious with a traditional marinara sauce and pasta or served on a French roll.

Read the Rosso family meatball recipe here, and order ground beef.


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