Debone and Stuff a Turkey Leg to Wow Your Holiday Guests

This year, we’ve focused on ways to shake up your family’s Thanksgiving and introduce new potential traditions. Chief among our concerns has been alternative methods of cooking turkey, to introduce our customers to methods that might reduce stress or end the unintentional family tradition of dry roasted turkey. For the ambitious, a deboned and stuffed turkey leg makes for an impressive sight in the Thanksgiving spread. In this recipe, we use cooked Rosso & Flynn pork sausage mixed with breadcrumbs and some egg, but any tightly bound (with egg) stuffing that your family prepares will work great. See our notes on stuffing in the stuffed quail recipe, or check out our full stuffing recipe.

Spiced Pork-Stuffed Turkey Leg

Ingredients (for 2 stuffed legs)


First, prepare your stuffing by combining the cooked ground meat with the breadcrumbs and eggs. Remove sausage casings, add to oiled pan and cook on medium heat, breaking up the meat continuously to brown. The ingredients must be completely cool before combining and stuffing into the leg. Divide into two parts.

Now, the fun part— deboning the leg. Flip the leg (drum and thigh still attached to each other) to the underside, with the top of the thigh bone exposed. Trace your knife through the skin down the thigh bone and down the drum, completely exposing the two bones and their connecting joint. Beginning with the thigh, carefully scrape along each side of the bone, separating at the joint if that is easier. Be mindful to not pierce the skin – that will help keep stuffing and juices inside while cooking.

Once you’ve gotten the thigh and drum bone out, feel for any hard tendons in the drum and slip your knife under them to remove. Also remove any stray silver skin or soft tendons. Lay the deboned leg out flat and pound a few times with a mallet (or meat tenderizer) to get an evenly flat surface. If the turkey hasn’t been brined, season both sides with salt and pepper. Lay half of the stuffing into the center of the meat and roll it up inside into log shape. Leaving the seam side down, gently tie your roast with string to hold it together while cooking.

Preheat oven to 400 degrees.

In a hot skillet, sear the leg skin side down in melted butter. Continue to sear on all four sides, basting as you go. Finish cooking in a 400 degree oven, until the internal temperature reaches 165 degrees. Rest for another 15 minutes before snipping off the string and slicing into medallions.

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