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A Holiday Gift Guide for Austin Foodies

We’ve spent the fall seeking out brands and businesses that emphasize the same goals we do: excellence on a local, sustainable basis. In celebration of a genuine Austin holiday, we are pointing our readers to companies who combine a passion for providing the finest products in town with a dedication to carrying on the Austin tradition of locally based sources of creativity and production. Below, you’ll find our favorite gift ideas for the food-obsessed recipient in your life.

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Teaming Up with Johnson's Backyard Garden and Chef Taylor Byrd to create local, seasonal recipes

We’re bringing together the talents and supplies of Austin’s iconic food names to create a series of seasonal, local recipes for all to enjoy. This week, we’ll be showing off the results of gifting seasonal vegetables from Johnson’s Backyard Garden to Taylor Byrd, former chef at some of Austin’s preeminent restaurants, and now the founder of Byrd Provisions.

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Finding Texas Ranchers & Recovering From Vegetarianism - Lisa Flynn's Story

I became a vegetarian out of necessity. I was a passionate cook stuck eating in a college cafeteria with mystery meats. But as I read more about animal welfare, studied environmental agriculture and listened to podcasts, I moved from apathetic non-meat eater to passionate vegetarian. In the height of the farm-to-table movement, there was still too much to question when it came to meat and factory farming. Vegetarianism was the safest option.

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