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Order for the weekend: Introducing Thursday Delivery

With Thursday delivery, Rosso & Flynn becomes your one-stop shop for a weekend of fall activities. Friday date night? Saturday tailgate? Lazy Sunday? Welcome to your one-stop shop for a weekend’s worth of recipes old and new, without freezing or saving Sunday’s bounty for the following Friday.

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The Perfect Pan Sear: Tips and Tricks from Made In Cookware

Too hot to grill? Reach for the pan. We wanted to know the secrets to the perfect pan-seared steak, so we reached out to our friends at Made In Cookware to answer our (burning) questions about how to sear at home. Learn about why seared meat tastes better if the type of pan really matters and the easy test check if your pan is hot enough to griddle that steak.

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How to use a Caja China

La Caja China has many names, from China Box to pig roasting box to Cajun microwave in Louisiana. While this method hails from Cuba, the Caja China translates directly to Chinese box. Food historians are split on the origins of the name on the island. Some argue Chinese railroad workers brought over the device in the 1850s, while others say “Chinese” referred to anything exotic in Cuba. Traditionally, the Caja China is used around the holidays to make a whole pig roast for a family.

Regardless of origin, the Caja China produces the moistest, most tender roasted pig without having to dig a hole - and in about half the time.

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Your 4th of July Party Plan

When local musician Rooney Pitchford is not playing shows around town, you can often find him grilling. Learn how he plans to cook this Fourth of July. 

From pool parties to neighborhood parades, water balloon fights to firework displays, my favorite way to honor the day we wrote that grand letter to old King George is grilling. Feeling overwhelmed? We have got you covered.

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