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Why Buy Local?: A Snapshot of the Thanksgiving Turkey Industry

We’re proud to once again offer pasture-raised turkeys from Smith & Smith Farms in Burlington, TX, for your Thanksgiving enjoyment. While we always encourage members of our communities to invest in humanely raised, locally-sourced meat, Thanksgiving presents an interesting case for examining the commercial poultry market, with a whole year of production centered around one single day. Let’s take a look at the industry in practice.

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What is Humane?: Temple Grandin and the Birth of Conscientious Ranching

At Rosso & Flynn, our game is quality. From the beginning, our business has been built on seeking out ranchers who guarantee the best meat in Texas, and soon learned those ranches were going to be as committed to humanely raising their livestock as we were committed to getting it to your door. But in an age that finds the American food economy attempting to rid itself of empty marketing buzzwords like “all-natural” and “farm-fresh,” a worthy question may arise: “What does ‘humane’ even mean?”

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What does "Pasture Raised" really mean?

Natural. Organic. Non-GMO. Grass-fed. Air-chilled. Fresh. Pasture-raised. Confusing? We sure think so. It took us months of research and talking to the best in the field to figure out which of these terms were certifiable, which were marketing jargon and which ones were truly important. We are going to begin our Ag School series with a term that gets thrown around a lot in the industry: Pasture-raised.

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