Guide to Roasting

Roasted Whole Chicken

Preheat Oven: 450°

Prep: Rub chicken with a salt and herb mixture, like thyme and parsley. Truss your bird (our chickens come pre-trussed). Place in a roasting pan or skillet.

Cook: 50-60 minutes, 175° internal temperature

Whole Pasture Raised Chicken
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Roasted Pork Shoulder

Preheat Oven: 325°

Prep: Rub pork shoulder with equal parts kosher salt and brown sugar. Wrap with plastic wrap and refrigerate overnight or day of. Before cooking, unwrap and season with pepper. Place in a roasting rack in a roasting pan with 1 quart of water. 

Cook: about 2 hours, 190° internal temperature


Red Wattle Heritage Pork Shoulder, Bone-In
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Roasted Picanha

Preheat Oven: 400°

Prep: Score the fatty blanket of the meat with a knife and pack in kosher salt. Sear the beef in a pan with hot oil until browned on both sides (2 min/side). 

Cook: 35 minutes, 130° internal temperature

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Roasting: the perfect "set it and forget it" cooking method that makes the whole house smell fantastic.

A key to a good roast is the rub (herbs, sugar, salt) to form a crust that infuses the meat as it cooks. For the perfect one pan meal, throw some veggies on the side of your roast and let them cook in the juices.

Roasted Picanha with potatoes and salsa verde
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