About Us

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It all started when...

Lisa Flynn called Manuel Rosso to say enough was enough: After visiting five grocery stores in one day, she could not find meat that she could feel good about eating.

"Why is there arsenic in my chicken?!"

"Why is my 'local' grassfed meat coming frozen from Australia?"

"What does 'air-chilled' even mean?"

So they created Rosso and Flynn, the first online butcher dedicated to transparency, freshness and supporting local farmers who are doing the right things:

  • No hormones

  • No antibiotics

  • No arsenic

  • No "by-product feedstuffs" (bakery leftovers, candy, etc.) 

  • Non-GMO animal feed 

  • Raising and butchering animals humanely

  • Pasture-raising on real grass

  • Feeding animals according to biology and season 

  • Local and eco-conscious practices

Rosso & Flynn is dedicated to providing the best tasting products and offering full transparency on all of our meats. What to learn more? Contact us at butcher@rosso-flynn.com